How to choose the most delicious Siamese coconut


However, choosing delicious green coconut is not always easy. Below are some tips for you to choose the freshest green coconut.

Choose coconut that is dark green in color

Dark green color usually indicates fresh and properly ripe coconut. Avoid choosing coconuts that are light green in color or have black spots on the shell, as this may indicate that the coconut is damaged or overripe.

Check the coconut shell

Coconut shells should be a skill check. Choose coconuts with shells, without cracks or defects. Coconut shells should be hard and without equipment or armor. If the coconut shell has cracks, the coconut may be damaged or no longer delicious.

Hear the sound

When gently flicking the coconut shell, if you hear a sound and feel a little pain at your fingertips, the coconut may be ripe, the coconut meat is rich and the juice is sweet. If you hear a low sound, it means the coconut is young, the coconut meat is thin and the water will not be sweet.

Check the coconut’s eyes

Coconut eyes are small black spots on the coconut shell. Choose coconuts with small eyes and no dark spots. The smaller the coconut eyes and no dark spots, the fresher the coconut.

Consider size and mass

Choose coconuts of appropriate size and weight. A coconut that is too small may not be juicy and sweet enough, while a coconut that is too large may be overripe and no longer delicious.


The scent of green coconut is fragrant and unique. Avoid choosing coconuts that have a bad smell.

Where to buy reputable green coconut?

In addition to choosing juicy coconuts, to get quality green coconuts, you need to find a reputable coconut supplier. Currently, SOMEKCO is one of the prestigious and famous green coconut brands in Vietnam.

Here, you can find fresh Siamese coconuts, grown and cared for properly to ensure the quality and sweetness of the coconuts. In addition, SOMEKCO also provides a variety of coconut-related products and gift packages. If you are looking for a reputable place to buy green Siamese coconuts, SOMEKCO is a great choice.

Try applying the above tips and find a way to choose green coconut that is right for you. Wishing you delicious and satisfying coconuts!



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