What makes SOMEKCO green coconut special


We harvest at the appropriate time to select quality coconuts and create beautiful, convenient shapes for people to enjoy.


SOMEKCO coconut is pure, unsterilized, and chemical-free, so it retains the natural sweet flavor and inherent nutrients of Ben Tre coconut.


Freshness truly makes the brand of SOMEKCO coconuts when the coconut water you are drinking was recently on the coconut tree. We say “NO” to a canned beverage with an expiration date measured in years.


SOMEKCO coconut is a pure Vietnamese coconut that is known and praised by international friends for its natural sweet taste and aroma, as well as great health benefits. Quality Siamese coconuts are only grown in certain provinces and cities in Vietnam, including our farm.


SOMEKCO’s modern production line can control product quality accurately, increase production efficiency, ensure product availability and no shortage. We continuously invest in research and development of new technology to improve the quality of products and services.


At SOMEKCO, we always focus on using energy-saving technology and implementing environmental protection measures during the production process.

Here, you can find fresh Siamese coconuts, grown and cared for properly to ensure the quality and sweetness of the coconuts. In addition, SOMEKCO also provides a variety of coconut-related products and gift packages. If you are looking for a reputable place to buy green Siamese coconuts, SOMEKCO is a great choice.


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