From Tree to Thirst: The Freshness of SOMEKCO Coconuts !
Experience unparalleled freshness as SOMEKCO takes you on a journey from tree to bottle. Sourced from the best coconut trees in specific provinces of Vietnam, our coconut water is a testament to its freshness, ensuring you taste the goodness that was recently on the coconut tree.
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Deliciously Unique: SOMEKCO's Pure Vietnamese Coconut !
Indulge in the internationally acclaimed taste of SOMEKCO coconuts. Praised for its natural sweetness, aroma, and health benefits, our pure Vietnamese coconuts can only be cultivated in select provinces and cities. Trust in the quality that defines the unique flavor profile of our coconuts.
Our Products
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Our Products

Production line

Cool and sweet Siamese coconut is a product created from the love and passion of the SOMEKCO team. We nurture and care for coconuts according to strict methods and processes like dedicated farmers. We harvest at the appropriate time to select quality coconuts, apply automated production lines to help reduce human effort, fewer defective products, and stable product quality.


Ben Tre coconut area

As the last cluster of islands to receive alluvium from the Mekong River, the brackish water and clay mud create favorable conditions for Ben Tre coconut gardens to look green and have higher fruit productivity than other regions in the world. gender.


Organic coconut area

SOMEKCO’s own coconut planting area with an area of 400 hectares is cultivated according to organic standards and has achieved organic certification from the US, Europe, Korea, and Japan. The source of nutrients for the coconut garden is from organic/microbiological organic fertilizers

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SOMEKCO: Crafting Coconut Elegance !

Welcome to SOMEKCO, where our coconuts journey from the Mekong Delta to your refreshment is a tale of purity, freshness, and unparalleled taste. Rooted in the passion to share the excellence of Vietnamese coconuts with the world, SOMEKCO prides itself on delivering pure, unsterilized, and chemical-free coconuts from the heart of Ben Tre. Our commitment to modern production techniques ensures quality and efficiency, while our 'green' ethos reflects our dedication to environmental responsibility. Call to Action: Curious to explore the essence of Vietnamese coconut bliss? Check out more about us, and join us on a voyage where every sip tells a story.