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Our Mission

At SOMEKCO, our mission is clear and concise – we’re dedicated to sustainable development, aiming to secure a leading position in regional and international agricultural exports. Through constant innovation and market responsiveness, we strive to create a premium agricultural product ecosystem that uplifts the Viet bay brand, enriching lives on a higher and wider scale.

Our Commitment: Sustainable Growth, Vietnamese Excellence, Quality Lives:

SOMEKCO’s commitment revolves around sustainable development, promoting Vietnamese brands, and contributing to a better life. Our focus on sustainability ensures positive growth not only for us but also for the communities we impact. By enhancing Vietnamese brands and fostering a positive change in lives, SOMEKCO aims to be a beacon of prosperity and positive transformation.

Farmers working with SOMEKCO always receive thoughtful and dedicated care to have a healthy and happy life !

SOMEKCO’s own coconut planting area with an area of ​​400 hectares is cultivated according to organic standards and has achieved organic certification from the US, Europe, Korea, and Japan. Coconut is our life and that of Vietnamese farmers. We nurture coconut trees, watch them grow, care for and nurture them, and cherish them with all our love and passion. As the last cluster of islands to receive alluvium from the Mekong River before flowing into the sea, this fertile, humus-rich water area has created favorable conditions for Ben Tre coconut gardens to be green and productive. Fruit production is also higher than other regions.

Core Values


SOMEKCO builds a harmonious working environment, promoting cooperation and working together to achieve goals together.


SOMEKCO values ​​human values ​​and respects ethics, compassion and kindness in all activities.


SOMEKCO puts passion and commitment into every job, focusing on the goal of serving the community in the best way.

Journey To 'Wings' The Vietnamese Coconut !

SOMEKCO comes from the idea of people who want to bring pure Vietnamese coconut (Siamese coconut) to domestic and international consumers. Sending hope to the fertile alluvial land of the Mekong Delta, we harvest the best coconuts, going through a unique production process to create SOMEKCO green coconuts.

SOMEKCO coconut is pure, unsterilized, and chemical-free, so it retains the natural sweet flavor and inherent nutrients of Ben Tre coconut. Freshness really makes the brand of SOMEKCO coconuts when the coconut water you are drinking was recently on the coconut tree. 


Company History

SOMEKCO was born from a vision to share the essence of pure Vietnamese coconuts with the world. Nestled in the fertile Mekong Delta, our unique production process ensures unadulterated, chemical-free coconuts that retain the natural sweetness of Ben Tre. Praised internationally for their freshness and health benefits, our coconuts are sourced from select regions in Vietnam. 


With a focus on modern production techniques, quality control, and eco-friendly practices, SOMEKCO aims to be a premier exporter of top-tier agricultural products, embodying the spirit of innovation and sustainability

Why Us

High Quality Products

Choosing SOMEKCO means opting for excellence in every sip. Our commitment to quality stems from the lush fields of the Mekong Delta, where we harvest over 95,000 coconuts annually. What sets us apart is our dedication to sustainability – from zero-delay freshness to our cutting-edge production line, we ensure that every drop of our coconut water reflects our passion for both taste and environmental responsibility.


At SOMEKCO, innovation is ingrained in our mission. Constantly listening to market dynamics, we stay ahead with modern technology, providing you with the assurance of precise quality control and uninterrupted product availability.


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